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September 2012: run in Hungary March 2012: Twelfth run of EuropeTrain - second run in Scandinavian winter On 17 March the EuropeTrain (...)


Sponsored by the following industry partners: Train path GPS tracing 1: Sweden 2: Germany 3: (...)


Acceptance The use of EUROPETRAIN’ website implies full acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Intellectual property All (...)

Train path

The path of the EuropeTrain was defined in different Loops, each representing certain operational, topographic and/or meteorological conditions. (...)


Contacts for Questions and Suggestions General and technical Questions Johannes Gräber Deutsche Bahn AG - DB Systemtechnik Head of Engineering (...)


In June 2009 everybody was aware, that solving the problem of equivalent conicity is essential for cost-effective noise reduction of freight (...)