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Latest addition : 29 May 2013.

  • Contacts

    Contacts for Questions and Suggestions General and technical Questions Johannes Gräber Deutsche Bahn AG - DB Systemtechnik Head of Engineering Services Weserglacis 2, D - 32423 Minden Tel.: +49 (0)571 393 5600 Fax: +49 (0)571 393 5227 E-mail: johannes.graeber Questions regarding train operation Martin Knörr DB Schenker Rail Deutschland AG European Operation Management (L.RCB 123) Rheinstraße 2, 55116 Mainz Tel.: +49 (0)6131 15 67885 (...)

  • Events / Videos / Pictures

    September 2012: run in Hungary March 2012: Twelfth run of EuropeTrain - second run in Scandinavian winter On 17 March the EuropeTrain returned to Minden after two weeks and ca. 13,500 km of successful operation in Germany, Denmark and Sweden combined without any trouble or incidents. "EuropeTrain in Slovakia" Pictures of EuropeTrain in Slovakia a two-day operation in Slovakia, covering 800 km of Slovakian network during the 9th run (the second Eastern Loop to (...)

  • Presentation

    In June 2009 everybody was aware, that solving the problem of equivalent conicity is essential for cost-effective noise reduction of freight wagons. Noise reduction is a challenge for freight business Rail noise is on top of the political agenda of the EC (noise related track access charging schemes) Noise reduction at the source (wheel-rail-contact) has the best cost/benefit ratio and avoids high investments and maintenance cost for infrastructure managers (high noise barriers) To (...)

  • Train path

    The path of the EuropeTrain was defined in different Loops, each representing certain operational, topographic and/or meteorological conditions. The train path is planned as a flower shaped configuration with different loops (12.500 km each), always starting and ending at one center point (Minden, Germany) for regularly measurements, inspections and possibly maintenance: 1: Sweden 2: Germany 3: France 4: Poland 5: Switzerland 6: Italy 7: France 8: Austria 9: Poland / (...)

  • Wagons

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