1 May: The fourth run of EuropeTrain is successfully completed.

After the short stopover in Berlin for a press event on 08.04.11, the train started its trip to Poland on the 10.04.11. Due to some operational restrictions the train shuttled 15 times only from Poznan to Warszawa and back (instead of Poznan <-> Radom). On 29.04.11, 8:20 the train returned to Minden via Frankfurt (Oder) and Berlin, after 12 days and approx. 10.100 km of intensive operation without any problem.

On Monday, the measurements of wheels and brake blocks will start as usual. After having analysed these measurements, the project team will work on an intermediate report, that will be issued by end of June (but please do not yet expect considerable results after 40.000 km!).

Before the next run the EuropeTrain’s International Analysis Team (IAT) will discuss the results, define further activities and especially decide on the wagons that will participate in the next run. This will be a Transalpine Loop, concentrating on Switzerland and starting on the 14.05.11 via the Rhine valley down to Basel.

See online : http://europetrain.uic.org/map/inde...