18 March 2011: Third run (French Loop) completed

The third run of EuropeTrain is completed.

After some operational difficulties at the beginning we had to halve the number of cycles in France down to two. The missing mileage in France will be recovered during the next run of the French Loop. But after that,the train cycled without any further problems twice from Paris via Bordeaux, Narbonne and Lyon back to Paris. On 17.03.11, 02:11 the train returned to Minden via Belgium and the Netherlands (with some delay due to heavy construction works), after 2 1/2 weeks and approx. 5.500 km of operation.

Currently the measurements of wheels and brake blocks are going on. In parallel, first running behaviour tests according to UIC 518 will be performed with a limited number of wagons. On the 24.03.11 the EuropeTrain’s International Analysis Team (IAT) will discuss the results, define further activities and especially decide on the wagons that will participate in the next run. This will be an Eastern Loop, concentrating on Poland and starting on the 06.04.11 via Berlin, where a press event is planned for the 08.04.11 (please reserve the date!).

See online : http://europetrain.uic.org/map/inde...