5 August 2012: Fifteenth run of EuropeTrain is successfully completed after approximately 12.000 km in Italy without any problems.

After the train has left the test centre of DB Systemtechnik in Minden on 06.07.2012 16:30 o’clock it passed through the Rhine valley down to Basel. Thanks to the great effort of our colleagues in Switzerland and Mr. Knörr from DB Schenker Rail the passage through Switzerland could perfectly be assured on 07.07.12 despite the recent difficulties on the St. Gotthard route. The hand-over to FS Cargo took place as planned the same day at 6 p.m. in Chiasso and the train finally reached Milano punctually at 8 p.m..

In Italy the train shuttled 7 times from Milano, its temporary home base, down to Bari to operate the brakes under extreme hot weather conditions with nice summer temperatures up to 40°C. Despite a missing of the 3. cycle due to an accident blocking the route, the 7th shuttle could be additionally achieved at the end of the stay in Italy thanks to the great effort of the Italian colleagues, After this last return from Bari the tour back to Minden started on Saturday 10 o’clock. The train passed through Switzerland in the afternoon and the evening. Early this morning (05.08.12) it started for its direct travel to Minden, where it arrived at the test centre at 18:30.

Directly after the return, the measurements of wheels and brake blocks will start as usual on Monday. Before the next run, the EuropeTrain’s International Analysis Team (IAT) will again discuss the results, define further activities and especially decide on the wagons that will participate in the next run. Still the 16th and last run of EuropeTrain is not finally assured, but will probably be a run to Austria and Hungary, starting end of August.