12 June 2012: EuropeTrain visits Luxembourg on its fourteenth run.

After traveling through Germany, Belgium and France, the EuropeTrain paid a short visit to Luxembourg from June 11 to June 13.

On June 12, the national railway company CFL organised a press event to present the EuropeTrain project. The event included a live demonstration with noise level measurements to illustrate the difference in noise emissions between traditional brake blocks and LL brake blocks, the so-called “whisper brakes”.

Claude Wiseler, Luxembourg Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Marco Schank, Deputy Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, and Alex Kremer, CEO of CFL, presented the various investments and ongoing projects to reduce the level of noise generated by passenger and freight trains in Luxembourg.

On Wednesday, June 13, the train returned via Belgium and the Netherlands to Minden in Germany for the standard wheel and LL brake block measurements that are taken after each EuropeTrain run.