25 February 2011: EuropeTrain starts third run heading for the French loop passing through The Netherlands and Belgium

On 25 February at 16:14 EuropeTrain departed from Minden for the French Loop, after 2 weeks of intensive activities in the test center of DB Systemtechnik.

During these weeks, measurements of wheels and brake blocks have been performed, results have been analysed and evaluated by EuropeTrain’s International Analysis Team (IAT), loading has been changed according to the advice of the experts and additional equipments for the continuous measurements have been installed on more wagons. Some wagons will stay in Minden for parallel tests according to UIC 518 (running behaviour), which will take place mid of March on special tracks near Minden.

The train passed through Netherlands and Belgium on 26 and 27 February and entered France via Mouscron (B) on 28 February.

The train will run down to Paris and will then cycle 4 times via Orleans, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon back to Paris. The return again through Belgium and the Netherlands is planned for calender week 12.

See online : http://europetrain.uic.org/map/inde...