2 March 2012: the 12th run of EuropeTrain - the second run to the Scandinavian winter - successfully started

The twelfth run of EuropeTrain started for the second run to the Scandinavian winter, with a passage through Denmark and possibly a short trip to Norway.

Thanks to the great effort and additional contributions of Trafikverket, GREEN CARGO, VR, JBV, Banedenmark and UIC, the second run to Scandinavia, finally became reality. After intensive activities in the test centre of DB, Systemtechnik the train started again on Friday 2 March 2012 from Minden, travelling through Denmark on its way to the North.

After crossing the border to Sweden, the train started its operation in Sweden on 3 March from Malmö up north to Vassijaure at the Norwegian border via Boden and Kiruna.

After that it will shuttle several times between Vassijaure and Gävle in the same way it was done during the first run (maybe with one short side trip to Narvik) before it will return to Germany the weekend of 17-18 March.