20 January 2012: EuropeTrain’s 11th run starts with a mixed transalpine and winter flat loop through Switzerland and Germany

The “Europe Train” test train, which has been travelling across Europe since December 2010 to test low-noise brakes – equipped with composite “LL” brake blocks” – before it goes into series production to retrofit the existing European freight wagon fleet, has started its eleventh run through Switzerland and Germany. The previous run took place in Belgium and in the Netherlands last December.

Following intensive activities at DB Systemtechnik’s test centre and several weeks’ winter break, the train started out again on 20 January 2012 from Minden, travelling through the Rhine Valley on its trip to Basel. After crossing the border to Switzerland the train will shuttle several times between Erstfeld and Chiasso via the slopes of St. Gotthard before returning to Germany on 29 January. In Germany, the train will shuttle between Minden and Rostock. The return is planned for mid February 2012.