16 december 2011: EuropeTrain’s 10th run – the third run on the French Loop passing through the Netherlands and Belgium – successfully completed

On 16 December 2011 the EuropeTrain returned to Minden after three weeks and approximately 13,500 km of successful operation in France without any trouble or incidents. Thank you very much to the operations team in Lyon for this efficient job. After the train left the DB Systemtechnik test centre in Minden for Antwerp via Bad Bentheim on 26 November, it was transferred to Paris on 28 November.

During the French Loop, which started early on 29 November, the EuropeTrain made several journeys from its temporary base in Paris Le Bourget to Lyon, Metz and Marseille. On its way back to Minden the train crossed Belgium and the Netherlands and passed the German border in Bad Bentheim today at 9 am.

Directly after the train’s return, the measurements of wheels and brake blocks will be taken as usual. Before the next run, the EuropeTrain’s International Analysis Team (IAT) will discuss the results again, define further activities and in particular decide which wagons will participate in the next run. In parallel a second edition of the interim report is under discussion among the experts of the project team and will be issued by the beginning of next year.

EuropeTrain operations will start again on 21 January 2012 with a mixed run through Germany and Switzerland. The return is planned for mid February 2012.