The seventh run (the second French Loop) of EuropeTrain is successfully completed.

After the train has passed the Netherlands (with a very successful press event in Amersfoort on 1 August) and Belgium, it entered France on the same dayin the evening. From its temporary home base Paris, Le Bourget, the EuropeTrain shuttled 10 times to Lyon, once to Marseille and 3 times to Metz, achieving in total 15.000 km on the French network. On 23 August, 4:15 the train returned to Minden again via Belgium and the Netherlands after 24 days of successful operation.

Directly after the return, the measurements of wheels and brake blocks started as usual. Before the next run, the EuropeTrain’s International Analysis Team (IAT) will again discuss the results, define further activities and especially decide on the wagons that will participate in the next run. This will be the second run of the Transalpine Loop in Austria and will start on the 06/07 September via Vienna, where a press event is planned in Deutsch-Wagram on the 09 September. The return is planned for the end of September.

In parallel, again special tests with five wagons on special tracks near Minden have been performed according to UIC 518 (running behaviour).The results have to be analysed by the IAT in addition to the results of the stationary measurements and been taken into account for the subsequent runs of these wagons.