The seventh run of EuropeTrain successfully started for the second French Loop with passages through the Netherlands and Belgium.

After 2 weeks of intensive activities in the test center of DB Systemtechnik, the train started again on 30 July, 12:35 from Minden to Bad Bentheim. During the passage through the Netherlands the train stopped for a press event with KNV (a Dutch rail freight support association) and DB Schenker NL on 1 August in Amersfoort.

This "geluidsarme trein" (noiseless train) event was a tremendous success. The reactions received so far were very positive, even from the opposition group which was also present! It confirmed the rail freight sector’s professionalism in contributing towards making a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and a safer mode of transport. A large number of newspapers covered the event and there were five interviews broadcast on radio and on TV. We are confident that this Dutch event will help with a better understanding throughout Europe that we are on the right track. After the event, the EuropeTrain departed at exactly 14.00 hours as planned from Amersfoort. After the passage through Belgium, the handover to Fret SNCF took place on Monday night.

During the French Loop the train will cycle several times from Paris (Le Bourget) to Marseille, to Lyon and to Metz. As agreed, the train will run approximately 15.000 km to compensate for the lost mileage of the first French Loop. The return again via Belgium and the Netherlands is planned for the second half of August..