The fifth run of EuropeTrain on the Transalpine Loop successfully completed

After EuropeTrain has entered Switzerland on 16 May, it shuttled 23 times between Basel to Brig via the slopes of Lötschberg and twice from Basel to Bellinzona via the interesting slopes of St. Gotthard, where SBB Cargo organized some special braking tests. On 1 June, the train returned to Minden again via the Rhine valley after 18 days and approx 12.000 km of intensive operation on the Swiss Alps transits without any problem.

Directly after the return, the measurements of wheels and brake blocks started as usual. Before the next run, the EuropeTrain’s International Analysis Team (IAT) will discuss the results, define further activities and especially decide on the wagons that will participate in the next run. This will be an Italian Loop with a mixture of operations on the Modane transalpine line and a shuttle down to the southern part of Italy to operate the brakes under extreme hot weather conditions. This run will start on 17 June via the Rhine valley down to Basel and further via St. Gotthard to Italy.

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